Our Mission

Empowering Breakthroughs and Redefining Supply Chain Management

Cercling is a next-gen collaboration tool for high-tech manufacturing teams, from the drawing board to the factory floor. Dive into seamless real-time communication, streamline production with live updates, and ensure data integrity with our secure, automated system integration.

We are harnessing AI for a more connected supply chain

We see a world of connected commerce, where everybody can access the supplies they need, and goods flow effortlessly - fostering an abundance of breakthroughs and innovation for all humans.

Our Visionary Work

Putting Ideas in Motion, Collaboratively


Cercling solves a critical challenge faced by modern enterprises: the centralization of disparate data sources and the synchronization of various teams and partners.

By consolidating these elements in a single, real-time platform, we facilitate more informed and agile decision-making processes.

Take the Next Step with Cercling 

Find harmony with your suppliers, manage deals faster, and move forward with a stronger customer following with Cercling.

Meet the Cercling Team

Diverse group of innovators and problem-solvers, skilled in tech, AI, and more

Gari O. Boateng
Co-Founder, CEO
Gari O. Boateng

Gari O. Boateng

Hailing from Ryerson University, co-founded a proptech startup, then later led procurement at a government agency, merging innovative strategy with practical execution.

Cassie Cheng
CPO, Designer
Cassie Cheng

Cassie Cheng

MSc in Digital Media from University of British Columbia, with BSc/BA in Tech & Art. Fused tech and creativity in startup UI/UX, boosted Alipay's software with marketing.

Daniel Funmiluyi
Lead Software Engineer
Daniel Funmiluyi

Daniel Funmiluyi

BASc from Olabisi Onabanjo University. Led products at a top video content distribution platform and made waves with impactful initiatives at an EdTech firm.


Embracing Responsible AI with Collaborative Insight

At Cercling, we're dedicated to exploring AI's possibilities responsibly. We engage with experts, and those with lived experiences to guide our journey. Our commitment aligns with key principles: Privacy & Security, Fairness & Inclusion, Robustness & Safety, Transparency & Control, and Accountability & Governance. This approach ensures our AI advancements are ethically and socially attuned.

Our Value

We operate guided by a set of core principles

Champion ethical and trustworthy methods with a strong sense of accountability, all aimed at leaving the world better than we found it.

Align our business interests with those of our customers, ensuring mutual advancement and success.

Lead decisively when needed to achieve superior outcomes, emphasizing cooperative excellence.

Harness deep domain expertise to consistently create the world's finest products, delivering unforgettable experiences to our customers time and again.